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We love short indie horror films.

AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits was created by filmmakers for horror fans and filmmakers alike. We've made short horror films and we want discerning audiences to enjoy them long after their all-too-brief film festival runs.

Most short horror films don't have much - if any - life beyond a handful of genre festivals in a few scattered cities. For horror fans and filmmakers, that's really scary.

We aim to resurrect the of these short horror films and unleash them in collections so horror fans everywhere can enjoy them over and over...

We're looking for short horror films - maybe yours?

If you have a great short horror, thriller, or dark fantasy film we invite you to submit it for a future volume. Visit our FAQ page to see just what kinds of horror films we're looking for. You may be surprised.

What's in it for filmmakers?

You keep 100% ownership of your film.

Our agreement with you is a non-exclusive licensing & distribution deal. You keep 100% ownership of the rights to your film.

And, you are still free to make other non-exclusive deals or sell your film on your own. In fact, we're counting on you to do that to further the success of the compilation.

Prolonged exposure to a wider audience.

You made your film to be seen, right? Then get it off the shelf and back into circulation. We have partnerships to place our compilations on, e-Bay shops, and other international distribution channels. And that's just the start...

No up-front filmmaker fees.

We've been there. You paid to make your film and now some packager wants to charge you up-front just to set it up in their catalogue.

And don't forget the bundle of cash you'll pay for a palette-load of shrink-wrapped DVDs gathering dust in their warehouse (and racking up storage fees) while waiting to be shipped - if ever.

Just how motivated do you think they are to actually get your film out there?

We're looking long-term. We make money when our compilations sell, not from charging filmmakers up-front to list with us.

We believe our selected films will have a strong audience.

If we're wrong, you are not out of pocket.

If we're right then you share in the profits.

We split profits 50/50 with our filmmakers.

We won't deny that, after the sound of applause, we love the sound of cash in our pocket. And investors (even our loving family and friends) truly appreciate the ability to turn our filmmaking dreams into something we can take to the bank - besides a smile and a gun.

Some short film packagers demand that filmmakers be satisfied merely with the "exposure" their film might receive - without a hint of financial reward. Gee, thanks.

We prefer to share our profits to attract quality films & filmmakers.

We insist on a win-win partnership with our filmmakers. That includes sharing the wealth - not just the glory.

Strength in numbers.

We'll do our part to get AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits to the public.

Now, the more that you and other filmmakers, festival programmers, film reviewers, and horror fans can spread the word about the compilation, the greater its potential for long-term success.

And that goes to the bottom line - ours and yours.

As a filmmaker don't settle for:

  • Losing ownership of your film.
  • Your hard-wrought quality film gathering dust on a shelf.
  • Up-front fees.
  • Mere exposure with no possibility of financial reward.
  • Promoting your film alone.
  • The illusion of a "distribution deal" with no active promotion of your film.


Next Film Submission Deadline:
Submissions Closed.

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