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Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what others say about AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits and about the individual films. These films have won dozens of awards, screening at scores of film festivals worldwide.
(Story spoilers have been edited for your safety. Enjoy.)

DVD Reviews & Press

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Reviews for Individual Films

The Crypt Club
Ghost Busted
Hell's Habit
Human No More
The Kooky Kastle
Legend of the 7 Bloody Torturers
My Skin!
The 9th Entry
Old Friends
Out of the Darkness
The Room
The Strain
Trick or Treat!
The Veil

The Crypt Club

The Crypt Club - Julie at the gravesite. THE CRYPT CLUB - DVD Vol. 1
"Are you in or out?"

A dark, cautionary tale of three teenage girls who drive a vintage hearse to a deserted country cemetery for a midnight initiation that will challenge each girl’s conscience – with horrific results. (English, 23:00, Canada)

DIRECTOR: Miguel Gallego / PRODUCERS: Miguel Gallego, Nancy Moore, Jesse D. Ikeman, Louise Mackintosh / WRITER: Miguel Gallego / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Walter Pacifico / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Nicholas Longstaff / EDITOR: Miguel Gallego

CAST: Alison Pill, Jessica Greco, Kerry Segal, Michèle Duquet

"With THE CRYPT CLUB, Miguel Gallego has created an eerie yet strangely beautiful world where the desires of the living and the hunger of the supernatural intersect.  Smartly, its horror is drawn from believable characters in a fantastic situation, not blood and gore.  Its results are as chilling as its Canadian setting."

Mike Mongillo
New Haven Underground Film Festival

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is one of those films that gives you as little information as possible going in.  That way each line of dialogue is an amazing revelation and each scene is a wonderful case of character development.  The haunting imagery lends itself nicely to a story that boils down to, first, what will you do to be accepted?  And second, the act of finding out that you don't want to be accepted by the group in the first place."

"Director Gallego gives us a black and white creep-fest that shows that he is on his way to making quite a name for himself in the future."

Douglas A. Waltz
Cult Cuts

"The highest production value this festival has seen yet comes in the form of this smart, character-driven story of three high school girls involved in a dark initiation ceremony that takes a supernatural turn. Young Julie is new to the area and has found potential friends in Pearl and Liesl. The only thing left to do is join their club."

"Director Miguel Gallego brings us a truly chilling story that is both haunting and touching. He brings us into a terrifying story that is very well written, but it’s his characters that really draw you in. He manages to give the deepest humanity to each girl, allowing us to understand who each of them are and what their motivations might be."

"This dark story of friendship, fear, loneliness, and obsession keeps its audience guessing and engaged until the final frame. Its cinematography is beautifully executed, production design flawless, and acting superb. But, what is most memorable from this film is that simple question and how it is answered: "Are you in, or out?""

Scott Masterson
Salem Independent Horror Film Festival

"Atmospheric horror … very stylish and tightly constructed. Fifteen-year-old Julie must commit a mortal sin and desecrate the grave of the town martyr if she hopes to gain entrance to the exclusive Crypt Club. Actor Alison Pill deserves special mention as the manipulative Liesl who maniacally persuades the young Julie to betray her sense of Catholic decency, although the real star of THE CRYPT CLUB is Nicholas Longstaff’s haunting, operatic score that will delight even the most severe audio-necrophiles."

Rue Morgue Magazine

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is a notable short for being strong in almost every area many short horror films are weak: script, production values, acting."

"The three actresses anchor the film’s realism, conveying well the sense of floating fear that teenagers wallow in. Production values are high, with particular attention paid to sound design (something crucial to horror films that many shorts neglect). The strong script is used in a smart, recursive way that gives earlier words new resonance as the film’s unfolds."

"Though THE CRYPT CLUB doesn't try to break new ground or reach too far, it doesn’t have to. For a short film, what an audience should expect is a well-executed premise, tight production, and solid acting, and THE CRYPT CLUB has all those things and more."

"Writer/director Gallego’s next project, whatever it is, deserves attention."

Sam Costello

"Most everyone who knows me knows I am not a huge fan of ghosts. It’s my least favorite sub-genre. Every now and then, something comes along and grabs my attention."

"… Beautifully filmed, this story tells what teens will do to be accepted. A story of betrayal and brutality, the old adage of what goes around comes around holds true. When you have a well-written script, top-notch acting, a quality soundtrack, and great direction, this could easily be revamped into a full feature film. Canadian director Gallego is one to keep your eye on."

Eve Blaack
The Hacker’s Source magazine

"Friday, the 13th of May (ooooh, spooky), the New Haven Underground Film Festival will drop at the Augusta Curtis Cultural Center in Meriden. Six films are on tap, three comedies and three horror shorts. Critics will tell you the one to look for is THE CRYPT CLUB, a darling of the indie film circuit, featuring performances by young actresses Alison Pill (Pieces of April), Jessica Greco (Assault on Precinct 13) and Kerry Segal (Ramona, Family Pictures). "

Doron Monk Flake
The New Haven Advocate

"I saw this lovely piece of low-budget horror during Horror Fiesta Festival in Warsaw. This neat little horror flick is wonderfully entertaining and it provides plenty of creepy atmosphere."

"… THE CRYPT CLUB is a lovely little horror indie with some creepy shots of the Necropolis cemetery. The soundtrack is extremely atmospheric and the film is well made and acted."

"I can easily say that I enjoyed it very immensely, so kudos should go to its director Miguel Gallego. Three main characters (the girls) are convincing and the climax kept me on the edge of my seat. Check out this wonderful little indie. Recommended!"

IMDB web page comment

  • Best Dramatic Short Horror Film
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2007, Hollywood, CA
  • Audience Choice Award
    Fearless Tales Genre Fest 2005, San Francisco, CA
  • Best International Short
    International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2005, Tempe, AZ
  • Best Short Film
    Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival 2004, Providence, RI
  • Best Film
    Chicago Horror Film Festival 2004, Chicago, IL
  • Best Film
    Salem Independent Horror Film Festival 2004, Salem, MA
  • Best Short Film
    Twisted Sinema Underground Movie Festival 2004, Toronto, ON
  • Best Short Film
    Frozen Dead Guy Days Film Festival 2004, Nederland, CO
  • Best Short Film
    Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival 2004, Toronto,ON
  • Best Overall Production
    Horror Dance Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX
  • Best Director
    New Haven Underground Film Festival 2005, Meriden, CT
  • Best Cinematography
    Just Another Film Festival 2004, Ogden, UT
  • Best Original Music
    Just Another Film Festival 2004, Ogden, UT
  • Special Recognition
    Boston International Film Festival 2004, Boston, MA
  • Highly Commended
    Festival of Fantastic Films 2004, Manchester, UK
  • Silver Remi Award, Creative Excellence
    WorldFest International Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX
  • Honorable Mention - Best Horror Short
    Shockerfest Film Festival 2004, Modesto, CA
  • Honorable Mention
    Silver Screams Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX

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Ghost Busted

Ghost Busted - Knock. Knock. Who's there? GHOST BUSTED - DVD Vol. 1
"Who you gonna call...?"

A young woman living alone hires a professional ghost hunter to investigate her haunted house... (English, 3:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Vance Null / PRODUCER: Vance Null / WRITER: Vance Null / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Vance Null / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Nick Worth / EDITOR: Vance Null

CAST: James Ward, Andrea Worth, Charley Carlat, Vance Null, Jeremy Wilson, Nick Worth

  • Micro Short Hall of Fame
    International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival, 2006, Tempe, AZ
  • Best Micro Short
    Arizona Student Film Festival, 2007, Phoenix. AZ
  • Best Horror Film
    Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2006, Phoenix, AZ
  • Best Visual Effects
    Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2006, Phoenix, AZ
  • 2nd Place Winner
    Phoenix 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2006, Phoenix, AZ
  • Best Special Effects
    AZ-TV's Screen Wars (Season 2), 2007, Phoenix, AZ


Gnaw - The madness grows within. GNAW - DVD Vol. 2
"You can't keep the madness out if it's already within."

When the zombie apocalypse begins, it's fight or flight for the survivors. Three friends hole themselves up in an abandoned hospital corridor. As they wait for rescue, hours become days. When they turn against each other, it becomes clear that they will not be able to keep evil locked out forever. (English, 13:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Frank Merle / PRODUCER: Frank Merle / WRITER: Frank Merle / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Frank Merle / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Bjorne Lynne / EDITOR: Frank Merle

CAST: Kelly Holden, Charles Riffenburg IV, Brandon Rowray, Morgan Marshall, Mandy Napper, Graham B. Schmidt, William C. Schmidt
  • Best Short Horror Film
    Illinois International Film Festival 2008, Chicago, IL
  • Best Short Horror Film (Nomination)
    Action On Film Festival 2008, Pasadena, CA

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Hell's Habit

Hell's HabitHELL'S HABIT - DVD Vol. 2
"Don't mess with a twisted sister."

A silent, black and white homage to Italian Gothic horror cinema of the 60s and 70s, Hell's Habit is a supernatural tale of possession, death and vengeance set in an Italian rectory. (Silent with English Subtitles, 8:00, Canada)

DIRECTOR: Mike Jackson / PRODUCERS: Anna Cummer, Samuel Dulmage, Mike Jackson, Peter New / WRITERS: Samuel Dulmage & Mike Jackson / STORY: Anna Cummer, Samuel Dulmage, Mike Jackson / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Samuel Dulmage / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Jeff Tymoschuk / EDITOR: Mike Jackson

CAST: Corina Akeson, Anna Cummer, Sam Dulmage, Peter New

  • Best Picture
    Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge 2006, Vancouver, BC
  • Best Acting
    Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge 2006, Vancouver, BC
  • Best Costumes
    Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge 2006, Vancouver, BC
  • Best Editing
    Bloodshots 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge 2006, Vancouver, BC

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Human No More

Human No More - Detective Nemo HUMAN NO MORE - DVD Vol. 2
"What would cause you to renounce your humanity?"

A private detective consumed by an irreconcilable murder case descends into his caustic underworld one last time. There he must face the blind eye of Heaven, the hunger of Hell, and the relentless ambiguity of his own humanity. (English, 17:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alan Broadstone / PRODUCER: Sebastian Alan / WRITER: Christopher Alan Broadstone  / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Schwarz Nipfargen / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Brian Sussman / EDITOR: Christopher Alan Broadstone

CAST: Tony Simmons, Cole Adam Buisson, Green Whittaker, Evan Susswood

"I really loved HUMAN NO MORE. It spoke to me! As an audience member, I was left affected, seduced and unsettled."

Alan Rowe Kelly
Director: I'll Bury You Tomorrow

"Life is nothing but a killing machine and an engine of suffering..."

"Detective Nemo has lost everything. After a killer murders his family, he loses his chance for revenge and is at a loss to understand humanity and God. Feeling beyond hope he sits in his basement among the evidence speaking into a home video camera as you hear the demon waiting for his soul. With Broadstone’s films nothing ever happens like you expect and this is no exception.

This is my 3rd short of Broadstone’s and I am a huge fan. Hell I was one after the first. I think what makes me such a groupie of his films is his distinct style and way of telling a story. He also likes to brain fuck you. What I love most about HNM is the script. It is filled with intense dialog that takes your complete attention and concentration. After at least 8 viewings, I finally closed my eyes and did nothing but listen with my headphones on. It's just so intense that you have to break it down, because Broadstone's films not only assault you with visuals but also with visceral and psychological writing, sound, and performance. His films are all about piquing the eyes, ears, brains, and guts of the viewer.

Once again Broadstone uses Tony Simmons as the lead actor and I have come to appreciate his range. I fail to understand why we do not see more of this extremely talented and versatile man. Maybe Broadstone and Simmons will make each other famous. All I know is I would love to see them team up for a full feature."

Eve Blaack
Hacker’s Source Magazine, Issue 18

"Broadstone’s strength is in production design, with great shooting, lighting, and sound mixing in evidence throughout [HUMAN NO MORE]; as well as his working relationship with Tony Simmons, a remarkably versatile actor with all of the range and presence of anyone in Hollywood today. Broadstone’s acid-etched script blisters when performed by Simmons, and he is a great compliment to Broadstone’s vision."

John Oak Dalton

"HUMAN NO MORE, another film by Christopher Alan Broadstone, is a bit darker than his other short films... and it's done with a great artistic form and great writing... now will someone give him a big budget to make a feature film with."

Horror Bob

"HUMAN NO MORE is neo-noir dipped in acid and laid out wet and glistening. Broadstone's small story of resignation quite literally gets to the heart of how our despair can both destroy and create, depending on how we choose to use it. Visually stunning and dripping with atmosphere, HUMAN NO MORE is a launching pad for a much bigger story and broader discussion: it's both a tantalizing taste of things to come and, taken on its own, a sobering take on the relationship between humanity and free will."

Brian Jeurgens

"With HUMAN NO MORE it makes three Christopher Alan Broadstone films that I’ve seen and I guess I can now consider myself a fan of his work... Tony Simmons plays the detective and in this actor, Broadstone has a star. Simmons has that talent that makes you want to watch him no matter what he's doing. He could be picking his nose for twenty minutes and you've got yourself some good watchin'... The filthy, violence decorated atmosphere is gorgeous and the hellish soundtrack inspired by the detective’s frame of mind sets the perfect mood for a creep-fest..."

Eric Campos

"[HUMAN NO MORE] is a multicoloured battleground of the spirit, torn between "Heaven, Hell and humanity" that refuses to compromise. A remarkable film, HNM will rip your heart and your soul apart."

Matthew Sanderson

"The film begins with what would appear to be a Film Noir, or "private dick" story with its choice of swing music and mellow saxophone work. Then HUMAN NO MORE unleashes its dark side. The intense visuals are unlike any of Broadstone’s previous work and come across as being seen through the eyes of pure evil. As Mr. Blight’s crimes unfold, the camera seems to morph in and out of close-ups in a supernatural sort of way representing the presence of evil. Another part of the film is told through a stationary camera as Detective Nemo records his final statement on life and humanity, ending in a powerful climax. Once again Simmons gives us another completely different character than his previous efforts and shows how adaptable he is as an actor."

Chris Mayo

"This is the third, but hopefully not the last, Christopher Alan Broadstone short film I’ll be reviewing and though I would say it’s my least favorite, it’s certainly the most emotionally charged... I felt HUMAN NO MORE hit closer to home. That can make for a truly uncomfortable viewing experience... The coloring, cinematography and [the] acting [of Tony Simmons] are quite simply amazing. Broadstone is less a filmmaker and more an artist. He paints intimate portraits of depravity and despair, justice and hope... Christopher Alan Broadstone must be either the best-kept secret in horror or the biggest threat to what casual horror fans consider "horror" because I’m just not reading enough about him out there."

Brian Harris

  • Best Horror Short
    The INDIE Gathering Film Festival 2005, Cleveland, OH
  • Best Actor
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2005, Hollywood, CA
  • Best Sound
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2005, Hollywood, CA
  • Honorable Mention - Best Short Film
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2005, Hollywood, CA

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The Kooky Kastle

The Kooky Kastle - What lies inside this creepy carnival ride? THE KOOKY CASTLE - DVD Vol. 2
"What if there is no next time, mommy?”

Take a wild CG animated spin through an old carnival’s haunted ride, complete with tunnels and caves - but watch out for falling barrels, swooping bats, overgrown pumpkins, and especially killer ghosts!  Carnival rides were never like this. (English, 7:50, USA)

DIRECTOR: Paul Carty / PRODUCER: Paul Carty / WRITER: Paul Carty / ANIMATOR: Paul Carty / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Nick Worth / EDITOR: Paul Carty

CAST: Paul Carty. Jane Carty, Jamie Carty, Michelle Carty
  • Honorable Mention
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2006, Hollywood Investigator, Hollywood, CA

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Legend of the 7 Bloody Torturers

Legend of the 7 Bloody Torturers - Who questions us? LEGEND OF THE 7 BLOODY TORTURERS - DVD Vol. 2
"A wicked little tale of pain, suffering, and fudging the numbers.”

A young clerk is sent into the dungeon of the Seven Bloody Torturers, where he discovers that they are about to face the most painful torture of all: a threat to their name-brand recognition. (English, 5:00, Canada)

DIRECTOR: Conall Pendergast / PRODUCERS: Martin-Andre Young, Carl Elster, Conall Penderast / WRITER: Conall Pendergast / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Carl Elster / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Steven Kado / EDITOR: Ryan Neill

CAST: Aaron Metler, Jason Cochrane, Luis Fernandes, Josh Kerr, Matt Archdekin, Cyrus Bapooki, Jon Gault, Hugh Gibson, Andrew Stoeten, Michael Tersigni

  • Best Cinematography
    WILDSound Film Festival 2008, Toronto, ON

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My Skin!

My Skin! The victim. MY SKIN! - DVD Vol. 1
"Death takes revenge."

Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer. After replacing all of the incriminating evidence Death makes a very special phone call. Here the supernatural vengeance truly begins. (English, 13:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alan Broadstone / PRODUCER: Sebastian Alan / WRITER: Christopher Alan Broadstone / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Schwarz Nipfargen / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Brian Sussman / EDITOR: Christopher Alan Broadstone

CAST: Tony Simmons, Lisa Montague, Rick Wildridge, Cole Adam Buisson

"Oh, now this was a good one. MY SKIN! is a creepy, downright eerie story of a man, a dead woman and a voice on the other end of a phone... This is some excellent work from Broadstone and company."

Larry Stanley

"Woah, is this creepy! And without even being gross! Basically a one-man, one act play with a brilliant performance by Tony Simmons, the older, seasoned lead actor who plays Death."

Nolan B. Canova

"In all, an atmospheric and stylish addition to the independent film market, which should do wonders for the CVs of all those concerned, and which should be seen by all serious horror fans."

Carl T. Ford

"If it’s one thing I learned from the FINAL DESTINATION movies is that you can’t mess with Death. Kinda like Texas. Fuck with him and you can find yourself in a world of hurt. This short seconds that idea as we find Death carrying out his dirty work, claiming the brutalized and lifeless body of a young woman. Not a bad catch for Death, but there’s a problem here. This young lady wasn’t meant to kick the bucket for several years to come. Not taking kindly to someone meddling in his business, Death hatches a little plan for the woman’s murderer, but first, he calls to tell him about it.

Complimenting this spooky cautionary tale is a sickly look that gives the film the appearance that it was shot on cold, dead skin. The single room set this film takes place in looks like something you would stumble across while playing RESIDENT EVIL. Swirling camera work and a nightmare-inducing soundtrack also make this one an absolute treat for those with morbid tastes.

MY SKIN! reveals why you can’t get away with murder and that’s because Death knows where you live."

Eric Campos

"Murder and infinite revenge in a highly polished sliver of supernatural horror."

Lee Bailes

"[MY SKIN!] is filmed in an impeccable manner, considering its budget. It clearly demonstrates Christopher Alan Broadstone’s individuality and talent. While the movie contains multiple clichés, the techniques it uses to illustrate them combined with the general effort put into the feature helps distinguish MY SKIN! from typical run-of-the-mill short films. I would like to see a longer adaptation if a decent budget could be secured. Christopher Alan Broadstone deserves all the attention he can get."

Steve Hutchison

"Broadstone proves with MY SKIN! that films do not have to have a huge budget or name actors to pack a punch. In fact, this story appears to have been made with a less-than-shoestring budget, and still manages to pull off creepiness. Like those that came before him, the Lucas', the Raimi's, the Romero's, Broadstone shows that he has the eye and the talent for creating horrifying worlds and, most importantly, telling compelling stories."

Scott A. Johnson

"MY SKIN! is an eerie take on a classic horror tale. Broadstone uses swooping cameras and a terrific score by Brian Sussman to create a sense of complete and utter chaos. [Tony] Simmons is perfect... Both [SCREAM FOR ME] and MY SKIN! are great showcases for Broadstone’s talent and inventiveness behind the camera. He brings such ferocious energy to the short films that one can only be excited to see what he does with a full-length feature film."

Jeremy Ritter

"[MY SKIN! and SCREAM FOR ME] are great reminders that you can produce quality films without a mega-budget... It is refreshing to see that undiscovered talents like Christopher Alan Broadstone are out there doing things the right way... He is holding true to his vision and not trying to please the direct-to-video snobs or the underground death metal goremongers... Creative film visionaries like Broadstone and Dante Tomiselli are the next generation of horror auteurs."

Lord Seth

"Broadstone has managed to create a fresh new take on the horror genre in MY SKIN! His use of flash-cutting, spiralling camera shots, canted angles, and mix of both color and black and white photography has allowed him to create a terrifying style that is definitely his own, and which leaves you feeling uncomfortable as you watch the film... His Nosferatu-like appearance alone was enough to send chills down my spine, but it was his ability to become the character that really impressed me. Everything from his voice to the way he held a pen made me believe that he was in fact Death... Broadstone has undoubtedly created something new and frightening with MY SKIN! and has proven himself an emerging new talent worth noting. Final Score: 5 out of 5 stars."

Christian Moger

"My attitude changes considerably when it comes to the short films of Christopher Alan Broadstone. They’re vicious and beautiful. His work isn’t ironic…it’s poetic. His short films are artistic without sacrificing the key elements that make horror what it is. One major mention also must go to Tony Simmons who played Death. To say this guy is versatile would be an insult. He’s Lon Freakin’ Chaney. He’s a damn different person in each short I’ve seen him in. Not only does his acting change from character to character but his appearance does as well! He must have a magical kit of disguises."

Brian Harris

"Christopher Alan Broadstone’s short films are a dark, surreal exploration into the human psyche, evoking as much horror and fear in the viewer as contemplative thought. There’s a message to be learned in MY SKIN!, as well as in [its] sheer brilliance of artistic form and writing. Hip, thought provoking, and downright spooky, Christopher Alan Broadstone is what I can confidently describe as the Pink Floyd of filmmaking."

Michael Laimo

"MY SKIN! is 13 minutes long, and it makes every second count. There must be a thousand cuts in here, and they all add to the mounting tension. It is a taut, flawlessly executed hell ride that lingers in the dark rooms of your mind for a much longer period than it’s brief running time. It’s stunning, and seems even more so when you consider that it’s really just a goddamn phone call."


"For running at a mere 13 minutes we found this to be a highly enjoyable short film. Somewhat reminiscent of the old-school Film Noir classics with a subtle horror twist this professional horror offering should not be missed. Hands down the coolest aspect of this motion picture is the astounding and very memorable song In The Moonlight by Brian Sussman. This melancholy and somewhat depressing song plays during the end credits and you just might find yourself humming it for days afterwards. Word on the streets says there's also a soundtrack available and it would be a wise asset for fans of this flick... The acting is all done by Tony Simmons and he executes his role as Death perfectly. His scratchy voice and strange mannerisms make him a truly memorable character and MY SKIN! is a movie that will not be forgotten easily."

Screaming Stoner

"MY SKIN! is a great little shocker filled with suspense and atmosphere, in the short space of 13 minutes filmmaker Broadstone delivers a tight chilling little thriller that shows exactly why it was deserving of its plaudits at US festival screenings. Beautifully shot and tightly edited, MY SKIN! shows great promise to what we can expect from its director of he ever gets the chance to make a full length feature and film financiers really should sit up and take note, here is a guy that has the capability to deliver."

Alan Simpson

"The first-rate character acting of Tony Simmons shines through yet again in Broadstone’s work with his unique portrayal of cinema’s frequently showcased "Death" figure. Shot on DV, MY SKIN! shows that with proper lighting, editing and cinematography this medium does not deter from the dark atmosphere of the film. Broadstone captures the grimness of the murder through interesting visuals, and persistently grabs the viewer’s interest through alluring camera angles and movements. Broadstone’s meticulously chosen soundscape also adds aural allure to the film and compounds the films visuals."

Chris Mayo

"Devilish discovery... check out the horror world of Christopher Alan Broadstone if you get a chance. Holy shit! This guy is amazing! His work is creepy as fuck and he does an incredible job reflecting the lunatic mind! Sick and twisted and so creative when it comes to camera and sound – it's slick with substance - not slick for slick's sake. Hollywood could take a big old lesson from him. To sweeten things his oftentimes leading man Tony Simmons is incredible – Freddy Krueger meets Getz via Speck. I had nightmares and I'm jaded as hell."

Owen Keehnen

  • Creative Vision Award
    International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival 2005, Tempe, AZ
  • Best Short Horror
    Shriekfest Film Festival 2003, Los Angeles, CA
  • Grand Prize
    Cinema Edge Awards 2004
  • Best of the Best 2003
  • Best Picture
    Cinema Edge Awards 2004
  • Best Director
    Cinema Edge Awards 2004
  • Best Short Horror - 2nd Place
    The Indie Gathering Film Festival 2005, Cleveland, OH
  • Honorable Mention - Best Horror Short
    Shockerfest International Film Festival 2005, Modesto, CA
  • Best Actor
    Horror Fiesta Film Festival 2004, Warsaw, Poland
  • Best Actor
    Cine-Macabre Film Festival 2004, Gainesville, GA
  • Best Actor Nominee
    Shockerfest 2005, Modesto, CA
  • Best Special FX & Make-Up
    Horror Dance Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX

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The 9th Entry

The 9th Entry THE 9th ENTRY - DVD Vol. 1
"When all hope is gone... there is the 9th entry."

What do you do when you believe your house is making you sick? You leave. What do you do when whatever it is follows you? You fight it to the end. (English, 5:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Anthony Falcon / PRODUCER: Anthony Falcon / WRITER: Anthony Falcon / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Anthony Falcon / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Anthony Falcon / EDITOR: Anthony Falcon

CAST: Anthony Falcon, Devyn C. Falcon, Kallie Falcon

  • Best Experimental Film Nominee
    Bare Bones Film Festival 2006, Muskogee, OK


Oculus OCULUS - DVD Vol. 1
"Can you see the evil that is watching you?"

No one knows who created it. No one knows who possesses it. But Tim Russel knows what it can do. And he's going to prove it - at any cost. (English, 32:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Mike Flanagan / PRODUCERS: Shea Cerveny & Amy Winter (Executives), Mike Flanagan & Jeff Seidman / WRITERS: Mike Flanagan and Jeff Seidman / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Mike Flanagan / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Adam Johnson / EDITOR: Mike Flanagan

CAST: Scott Graham, Brandyn Feldman, Joe Wicker, Matt Reynolds

"So Damn good... a truly terrifying 32-minute opus."

Horror View

"Truly horrifying... a must-see for anyone who enjoys a smart creep-out."

Monsters At Play

"A+... Delivers dread in spades."


"Four stars! The first volley in what looks to be an astounding series."


"I gasped out loud - genuinely chilling even on second viewing."

MicroCinema Scene Magazine

"Four stars... an entrancing and terrifying look into an indefinite evil and the utter darkness that dwells inside an obsessive mind."

"Utterly gripping from start to finish, OCULUS manages to be both a genuinely unnerving ghost story and a chilling study of insanity."

"A gripping and unnerving work of some considerable class."

Carnival of the Grotesque

"Quite honestly, it's one of the best shorts I've seen."

Killer Reviews

  • Special Jury Award
    Lake County Film Festival 2006, Lake County, IL
  • Best Short Film
    Dead By Dawn Film Festival 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Best Short Film
    HauntCon Horror Film Festival 2006
  • Best Short Film
    Manchester Festival of Fantastic Films 2006, Manchester, UK
  • Best Short Film
    Dragon*Con Short Film Festival 2006, Atlanta, GA
  • Best Horror Film
    Dragon*Con Short Film Festival 2006, Atlanta, GA
  • Best Short Film
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2006, Hollywood Investigator, Hollywood, CA
  • Best Actor
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2006, Hollywood Investigator, Hollywood, CA
  • Best Sound
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2006, Hollywood Investigator, Hollywood, CA
  • Best Horror/Sci-Fi Film
    MicroCinema Fest 2006, Chicago, IL
  • Best of Fest
    MicroCinema Fest 2006, Chicago, IL
  • Best Director
    MicroCinema Fest 2006, Chicago, IL
  • Best Actor
    MicroCinema Fest 2006, Chicago, IL
  • Best Editing
    MicroCinema Fest 2006, Chicago, IL
  • Best Actor
    Shockerfest 2006, Modesto, CA

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Old Friends

Old Friends - Mother & daughter terrified. OLD FRIENDS - DVD Vol. 1
"Even best of friends can turn nasty."

When an avian flu decimates Los Angeles a family struggles to survive while waiting for relief to come. Avoiding the contagion is tough enough. Then old friends come calling - and they're hungry. (English, 14:30, USA)

DIRECTOR: Kevin Greutert / PRODUCER: Elizabeth Rowin / WRITERS: Kevin Greutert & Randy Horton / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Andrew Takeuchi / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Jamie Steele, Dave Waterbury / EDITOR: Kevin Greutert

CAST: Grant Courtney, Jamie Virostko, Heather Trzyna, Mitchell Kalamian, Eric Shaun Williams

From Kevin Greutert, the Editor of SAW, SAW 2, SAW 3, SAW 4, SAW 5, THE STRANGERS, and also the Director of SAW 6, and SAW 7 (3D).

Out Of The Darkness

Out of the Darkness OUT OF THE DARKNESS - DVD Vol. 2
"Bad judgment can be deadly."

Otis walks out after a fight with his pregnant wife and goes drinking. Waking up in a pretty woman's house he discovers the punishment for bad judgment far outweighs the crime. (English, 17:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Nicholas Rucka / EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Al Markovitz, MD, Linda Martin / PRODUCER: Thomas Woodrow / WRITER: Nicholas Rucka/ CINEMATOGRAPHER: Eric Lin / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Charles Peirce / EDITOR: Nichols Rucka

CAST: Tommy Guiffre, Patricia Ageheim, Kelly McAndrew

"Shot in black and white, it's a neat reality-bending ghost story which keeps the audience as off-guard and bewildered as its protagonist. Look out for a couple of unforgettably scary images near the end."

Kevin Lyons

"...a new horror short described by the producers as equal parts Cassavetes' Shadows and Kobayashi's Kwaidan. However you want to describe it, it looks pretty fantastic to me.

It's very good, a pretty simple premise executed very well. He's got a great eye and shoots things very American Gothic, kind of what The Reflecting Skin would look like if you were to de saturate it and make it into a black and white. The score is definitely a big part of why it works so well, it's got kind of an Angelo Badalamenti quality to it - a lot of atmospheric swells of sound bolstering and foreshadowing what's coming."

Todd Brown

  • Producing Award
    NYU First Run Film Festival 2006, New York, NY

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The Room

The Room - Is Sam locked in, or is something locked out? THE ROOM - DVD Vol. 2
"In the room lies Sam. In Sam, there lies more.”

Sam wakes up in a cold, metal-clad room with a long streak of blood flowing from the door. The blood trail leads to a mutilated body lying in the corner of the room – her boyfriend. Sam slowly pieces together fragmented memories and begins to understand why she stays locked in this room. What lies inside of her cannot be let free. (English, 21:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Diego Meza-Valdes & Andres Meza-Valdes / PRODUCERS: Grisel Valdes (E.P.), Joshua Miller, Sam Rega / WRITER: Marco Ramirez / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Jorge Valdes-Iga / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Rashied Tali, Diego Meza-Valdes / EDITOR: Mathew Berkowitz

CAST: Katie McClellan, Peanut Alvarez, Francisco Padura, Carmen Gonzalez

The Strain

The Strain - THE STRAIN - DVD Vol. 2
"What if this were to happen again?”

While trying to fix a failing marriage, a young couple’s troubles turn deadly when a mysterious virus transforms one of them into the unthinkable... (English, 16:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Mike Doyle / PRODUCERS: Elizabeth Doyle, Joel Smith, Jared Crain (Co-Producer) / WRITER: Mike Doyle / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Eric MacIver / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Vincent Gillioz, Jeff Cairns, Grant Vanderslice / EDITOR: Mike Doyle, Joel Smith

CAST: Alexandra Boylan, Jared Crain, Carl Ezold

  • Honorable Mention - Best Horror Short
    Tabloid Witch Awards 2008, Hollywood Investigator, Hollywood, CA

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Trick Or Treat!

Trick or Treat!! TRICK OR TREAT! - DVD Vol. 2
"Give me something good to eat."

Dalia opens her door to a trick-or-treater - but it's the night after Halloween. Thinking that he may be in trouble she takes the boy into her house and discovers that she's the one in danger. (English, 8:00, USA)

DIRECTOR: Oliver Pearce / PRODUCER: Kerim Ekonomi / WRITER: Oliver Pearce / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Mark McBride / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Michael Kelly / EDITOR: Oliver Pearce

CAST: Jamie M. Fox, Christopher Irwin, Alexander Kayfetz-Gaum

  • Best Villain
    Horror Dance Film Festival 2005, Houston, TX

The Veil

The Veil THE VEIL - DVD Vol. 1
"What lies beyond the veil?"

A young married woman is haunted by dark visions. Is it her medication, or something more sinister? Dreams and reality merge and lead to blood in this Lovecraft inspired period piece. (English, 12:00, Canada)

DIRECTOR: Mike Jackson / PRODUCERS: Charles Zuckermann, Mike Jackson, Jean-Denis Rouette / WRITERS: Samuel Dulmage & Mike Jackson / ADDITIONAL DIALOGUE: Toren Atkinson / CINEMATOGRAPHER: Samuel Dulmage / ORIGINAL MUSIC: Jeff Tymoschuk / EDITOR: Jean-Denis Rouette

CAST: Corina Akeson, MacKenzie Gray, Charles Zuckermann, Toren Atkinson, Robyn Forsyth

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